Made in the USA Products

made in USAMade in USA goods support dogs’ best friends
Lots of people are coming to understand the real price tag on low-priced, foreign-made goods. From the environmental costs of shipping to massive job losses in the U.S. economy, we are realizing cheap goods—often made to lower manufacturing and safety standards—simply cost too much. That’s why ZippyDogs is proud to offer a growing selection of promotional products and apparel made right here in the USA.

Many of your customers want US-made products for their workmanship, not just because the dollars they spend on these products fuel our economy and support American jobs. In fact, a recent study by Boston Consulting Group showed that 85 percent of U.S. consumers favor Made in USA quality, and 93 percent of consumers would pay a higher price for it. So, why not attract these good feelings toward your brand? With ZippyDogs’ help, it’s easy. WOOF!

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