DOG OF THE MONTH – November 2012

Meet Lily, short for Lilikoi – our Dog of the Month!

Lily, a Lab/Sharpei/Pitbull mix, was adopted by a couple a few months after their senior dog passed away. They saw her photo online and something clicked, they just “had to see this dog!”

Here is Lily’s story as told by her lucky owner:


“What first drew me to her is that she has a split paw (meaning only 2 large toes) and my partner has the same thing on one of his hands (though his was from a car accident). The first moment we saw her she broke from her old owners and ran straight into my partner’s arms. It was love at first site. Since she has become part of our family she has shown herself to be the most loving and wonderful companion. She even likes CATS! She greatly enjoys hikes in the woods and playing in the river as well as cuddle time on the chaise lounge in our living room. One look at that face and everyone falls in love.”



DOG OF THE MONTH – October 2012

I’m Lenny, the dog formerly known as Isaac.

Seven years ago my first set of humans dropped my sister and me off at the Seattle Humane Society because the didn’t want us anymore.

A family came and put a hold on me. A really nice guy came to see my sister but his female dog and my sister did not like each other. A volunteer suggested they meet me. We hit it off! A day later, the family decided they didn’t want me and I went home with the kind man and his dog Lilly.

He didn’t think the name Isaac really fit me and he named me Lenny. I’ve been happy ever since. He calls me the lover dog because I like to snuggle with him. He also affectionately calls me the Bastard since I came from the Humane Society. He calls my step-sister the Bitch so we are the Bitch and the Bastard.

DOG OF THE MONTH – September 2012

Meet Oscar the Cat, our Dog of the Month

Meet Oscar: the black and white cat-who-thinks-he’s-the-bottom-of-the-pack-beta-dog!
Oscar’s pal is Cleo, the cat-who-knows-she’s-a-cat, and according to their owner, together they’re a lovely pair!

Oscar tried to guard his humans and the house (until he gets scared and runs away), and sticks his head in the closest human armpit when he needs to be reminded of the pack order.

How did this beta dog symdrome happen to Oscar? He was in a house with 4 dogs until his adoption at a year and a half old, so he really does think he’s a dog! Cleo is all cat and tries to run the show until she gets put in her place by her humans.

Oscar’s favorite food: “chicken!”
Oscar’s favorite drug: “cat nip!”

Cleo: “leave me alone I’m studying for my private pilot’s license, and no Oscar, I will not take you along as a co-pilot or baggage handler.”

DOG OF THE MONTH – August 2012



Jude was born on January 17, 2011. By March 14th he was attending his first birthday party (and stole Deputy Dog’s thunder at her own party)! His owner is a Seattle Firefighter, and Jude grew up in the firehouse.  Jude and his owner are also proud members of the Northwest Disaster Search Dog organization and Jude loves scrambling over rubble to find hidden people during training.  Aside from Jude’s excessive drooling, he’s a perfect gentleman! WOOF!

DOG OF THE MONTH – July 2012

Meet Ally

We adopted Ally from a local rescue group called PUPS: People United for Pets. They are based in Issaquah, and we had a few dogs that we were interested in. PUPS had an adoption fair at the Kirkland Petco, and we fell in love with our Ally on Feb. 19th, 2012. She became part of our forever family that day, and has been a wonderful companion to us every since.

Ally is 2-3 years old, and is a funny mix of whippet, terrier, and we think a little bit of beagle. She has super long legs, but is only 20 pounds. That girl can run! She loves to scamper after her ball, and is eager to please us with her commands. We’re working on getting her to stay when someone comes to the door… she’s already queen of the house, so that’s a big one to work on!

We can’t say enough good things about PUPS. They rescue lots of dogs, and especially small dogs, from high-kill shelters. Ally was in a foster home with a loving family (who gave her her name) for about a week before we adopted her. During that time, she was spayed and thoroughly checked out by a vet. The volunteers and foster families treat the dogs with love and care until they can be adopted.

PUP Dog Rescue – check them out!


Dog of the Month – June 2012

Meet Bo and Bea!

Meet Lord Harrington’s Bodacious Beauregard and Beefeaters Buxom Beatrice; also known as Bo and Bea, respectively.  They are both English Bulldogs but you’ll never meet a duo more different from each other. Bo is an athletic, carefree surfer boy, always ready for the next adventure.  Bea is a neurotic, loving chubby little fuss-budget who’s favorite thing in the world is to ride around, perched on the front of the shopping cart at Home Depot. (Think Leo DiCaprio on the bow of Titanic and you’ll know how she rolls; she’s the “Queeeeen of Home Deeepooot!) Bea’s birthday is St Patrick’s Day so here they are, all dressed up for the occasion.


Dog of the Month – May 2012

Charlie Mooch Glennon was born at Circle M Farms in Colony Oklahoma in November 2007.  His Mom and Dad are purebred Australian Shepherds, true working dogs who spend their days herding cows, prize quarter horses and lots of little humans.

Charlie came to Seattle at the end of 2007 to live with his current Mommy. At five months Charlie began herding other dogs at the dog park. He nips and nudges his housemate kitty, into corners, off the bed and away from the holy kitchen.

Charlie loves to play soccer and can destroy a tennis ball in 7 seconds flat. His favorite activity is swimming. He loves to fetch logs, the bigger the better! Charlie is quite intelligent and he and his best friend Buddy Curran are excellent fence security testers. If there’s a hole, they’ll find it.

Charlie is a red merle with beautiful blue eyes and bubble gum tongue. He is often referred to as the “pretty girl dog” and he always accepts the misgendered compliments with grace. He is a cuddly love who is content to just be with his people all the time.

Dog of the Month – April 2012




Name – Breia Angelina Pasonno Gabor Gauthier

Age – A true lady never divulges her age

Hobbies – Hobbies are beneath Breia.  She does enjoy dominating all the other beings in her world, including her human, Glenn.  In addition, she is obsessed with getting the ball.

Breia was born a diva and continues to amaze and delight her owner, who feels he is more handsome with her on the end of a leash.  Breia lives the life of luxury, with an eclectic art-filled home and leopard print bed.  Although considered the “mean girl dog” on the playground, she is never viscous – she simply lets all the other dogs know she is in charge. Period.

A pure-bred Belgian Tervuren, Briea is incredibly smart, has a wonderful personality, and her smile will stop you in your tracks! Of her many talents, most entertaining is watching her find her human’s cell phone and bringing it to him when it rings.  Briea also enjoys evening cookies and cocktails on the patio. WOOF!

Dog of the Month – March 2012


Milo was a found stray in a field in southern California at about 8 weeks old and taken to a high kill shelter.  He was rescued by the wonderful people at Saving Paws of Washington where we found him and he found us.  We fell in love with his little face online and it was all over.  He’s now adjusting to his new forever home wonderfully.  He loves people and other dogs and is such a sweet boy.  We’re all looking forward to many years of playing together!

Age- 3.5 months

Hobbies – Learning everything about being in a new home

Visit Milo’s Face book page at:

Prepare to be addicted to this furkid!

2011 November Dog of the Month


Bryan is a 4-year-old Giant Schnauzer that has been my constant companion since he was eight months old.  I love big black dogs, and Bryan came into my life by a vet who was intent on re-homing him after he’d been backed over by his first owner, crushing his hip, then abandoned at the vet.  Poor dog Bryan.  ANYWAY, he’s all patched up now and he loves getting hair cuts from Elaine of Rub-a-Dub Doggy in Niles, MI, and riding in the front seat of the car.  Although he weighs just over 100 lbs, he’s still very much a lap dog, and he craves treats, petting, and tummy rubs.  He does not like to walk in the rain or when another dog tries to eat from his bowl.  His shaggy beard soaks up water like an old-fashioned cotton mop whenever he gets a drink.

Submission:  Justin Osadjan