The Summer of Cheap Labor!

16 year old niece Emily took her first plane ride (all the way from Indiana!) to sunny Seattle for a week in July.


18 year old nephew Torgeir escaped the brutal heat of Sacramento to explore Seattle in August.



ZippyDogs put them both to work in a continuation of the Internationally Recognized ZippyDogs Summer Internship Program that began last year with nephew Taylor. When contacted to speak about his experiences and recovery from his week at ZippyDogs, Taylor could not be reached for comment. Perhaps he was nursing a paper cut.


This summer our Interns were instrumental in many important tasks. Both were instructed on the finer points of making coffee for Top Dog, for example. Service with a smile required – Top Dog has spoken!




Emily stuffed promo boxes to win new customers, filed, wrote thank you notes, and completed a electronic file compression project.

Torgeir wrote thank you notes, sorted our customer file drawers, and completed a comprehensive report comparing cloud-based business solutions.

When not at the ZippyDogs World Headquarters honing their administrative skills, they enjoyed exploring Seattle!



For their newly acquired barista skills and more, they are both awarded Employee of the Month!

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