Employee of the Month – June 2012

Red Merle Curran!
Deputy Dog loves the sun…unfortunately her fair skin doesn’t. So what did she do instead?


Kristi is off to sunny California for a wedding. What better way for a fair-skinned Seattle-ite to get a little color than to visit the spray tan booth? Too bad it didn’t go better. Deputy Dog is officially a Red Merle!  Congrats Kristi on trying something new and having a good laugh about an experiment gone wrong. WOOF!


  1. Girlfriend, I hope you got your money back!!!!!

  2. Ha! I tried that a couple of times myself! Nothing like being a lovely shade of orange. Actually, the overall tan wasn’t bad, it was the horrible discoloration of my knuckles and fingernails. Ah, well, it eventually fades…

  3. It was one of those automated sprayers, wasn’t it? You gotta spring for the personal airbrush spray person next time…if there is a next time!

  4. It WAS the Versa spray booth. It was cold. It smelled horrible…even the day after when I scrubbed and scrubbed! I won’t do it again…I’m embracing my white skin from here on out! Word!

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