Eco-Friendly Products

eco-friendly earthPromote your business to your values

ZippyDogs is excited and proud to help you promote your business with eco-friendly products and apparel, as well as a great selection of goods that are made in the USA. With our huge selection, it’s easy to align your brand with your values and those of your customers.

Check out just a few of our eco-friendly products. Demand is growing for organic, sustainably produced apparel and accessories that are durable, comfortable and good looking. ZippyDogs can put your company logo or promotion slogan on thousands of earth-friendly products and apparel items, including desk and office accessories, BPA-free water bottles, writing instruments, bags, totes, hats, shirts, mouse pads, and more! We offer a complete range of men’s and women’s tees, fleece, hats, beanies and bags made of Certified Organic Cotton in lots of colors. Eco-friendly products lend extra appeal to your brand while enhancing your marketing efforts and reducing impact on our planet. Woof!

Recycled materials include: polyester, denim, currency, plastic, yellow pages, 100% PET plastic bottles, electronics, carpet fibers, sawdust, aluminum and paper

Renewable/sustainable/biodegradable materials: jute, organic cotton, corn resin, hemp, bamboo, modal and biodegradable plastics.

Doggedly determined to have a tiny carbon paw-print
The ZippyDogs World Headquarters features energy-efficient appliances, windows and water efficient toilets. We use non-toxic compounds and renewable materials such as bamboo and sustainably harvest wood products. In addition, ZippyDogs gets around in a Nissan Leaf vehicle. It is 100% electric, has no emissions and costs less than $100 per year to charge.

The average American generates about 15,000 pounds of carbon dioxide every year from personal transportation, home energy use and energy used to produce all of the products and services we consume. To find out how much CO2 you produce each year—and how easy it is to make a difference—please visit Al Gore’s website at Climate Crisis.