DOG OF THE MONTH – September 2012

Meet Oscar the Cat, our Dog of the Month

Meet Oscar: the black and white cat-who-thinks-he’s-the-bottom-of-the-pack-beta-dog!
Oscar’s pal is Cleo, the cat-who-knows-she’s-a-cat, and according to their owner, together they’re a lovely pair!

Oscar tried to guard his humans and the house (until he gets scared and runs away), and sticks his head in the closest human armpit when he needs to be reminded of the pack order.

How did this beta dog symdrome happen to Oscar? He was in a house with 4 dogs until his adoption at a year and a half old, so he really does think he’s a dog! Cleo is all cat and tries to run the show until she gets put in her place by her humans.

Oscar’s favorite food: “chicken!”
Oscar’s favorite drug: “cat nip!”

Cleo: “leave me alone I’m studying for my private pilot’s license, and no Oscar, I will not take you along as a co-pilot or baggage handler.”


  1. Mike Pembleton says:

    baggage handler position ?

    • By the look on Cleo’s face – I am thinking hacked off flight attendant you do not want to mess with or your seat will moved to right next to toilets for the remainder of the flight!

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