DOG OF THE MONTH – October 2012

I’m Lenny, the dog formerly known as Isaac.

Seven years ago my first set of humans dropped my sister and me off at the Seattle Humane Society because the didn’t want us anymore.

A family came and put a hold on me. A really nice guy came to see my sister but his female dog and my sister did not like each other. A volunteer suggested they meet me. We hit it off! A day later, the family decided they didn’t want me and I went home with the kind man and his dog Lilly.

He didn’t think the name Isaac really fit me and he named me Lenny. I’ve been happy ever since. He calls me the lover dog because I like to snuggle with him.┬áHe also affectionately calls me the Bastard since I came from the Humane Society. He calls my step-sister the Bitch so we are the Bitch and the Bastard.

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