Dog of the Month – June 2012

Meet Bo and Bea!

Meet Lord Harrington’s Bodacious Beauregard and Beefeaters Buxom Beatrice; also known as Bo and Bea, respectively.  They are both English Bulldogs but you’ll never meet a duo more different from each other. Bo is an athletic, carefree surfer boy, always ready for the next adventure.  Bea is a neurotic, loving chubby little fuss-budget who’s favorite thing in the world is to ride around, perched on the front of the shopping cart at Home Depot. (Think Leo DiCaprio on the bow of Titanic and you’ll know how she rolls; she’s the “Queeeeen of Home Deeepooot!) Bea’s birthday is St Patrick’s Day so here they are, all dressed up for the occasion.



  1. Lari Pett says:

    I just love Bea and Bo! Congrats!

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