DOG OF THE MONTH – July 2012

Meet Ally

We adopted Ally from a local rescue group called PUPS: People United for Pets. They are based in Issaquah, and we had a few dogs that we were interested in. PUPS had an adoption fair at the Kirkland Petco, and we fell in love with our Ally on Feb. 19th, 2012. She became part of our forever family that day, and has been a wonderful companion to us every since.

Ally is 2-3 years old, and is a funny mix of whippet, terrier, and we think a little bit of beagle. She has super long legs, but is only 20 pounds. That girl can run! She loves to scamper after her ball, and is eager to please us with her commands. We’re working on getting her to stay when someone comes to the door… she’s already queen of the house, so that’s a big one to work on!

We can’t say enough good things about PUPS. They rescue lots of dogs, and especially small dogs, from high-kill shelters. Ally was in a foster home with a loving family (who gave her her name) for about a week before we adopted her. During that time, she was spayed and thoroughly checked out by a vet. The volunteers and foster families treat the dogs with love and care until they can be adopted.

PUP Dog Rescue – check them out!


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