Dog of the Month – April 2013


My name is Teddy and I am a very happy 9 year old Bichon/Yorkie mix.  I rescued my human when I was just 1 year old.  I’ll never forget the first time I saw him.  He was wet and hungry and needed a friend.  In fact, he was pitiful looking and I just knew I had to have him.

It’s a pretty even tie between me and my human for who gets more irrationally excited about food. In fact, we no longer go for walks. We go for HUNTS! I so much enjoy the fact that people throw food out their windows while driving. Chicken legs, BBQ ribs, tacos: I call them TREATS!


Teddy wrote his own bio – did we mention he is very smart too?


  1. David Jungling says:

    Hey! That’s my dog Teddy! Teddy what are you doing as Dog of the Month? I didn’t know you could type!

  2. Oh hey Dad, yeah so there is a lot you don’t know about me. I can type and I am a remote employee at ZippyDogs. I have been paid in biscuits for a few years now. I obviously get to the mailbox before you do. Oops, I guess you didn’t know that either.

    Tedski Biscuit Butt (that is my office nickname)

    Oops, you didn’t know that either.
    I better stop typing.

    • David Jungling says:

      Well Tedward, now I know. Why don’t you talk those nice people that you work for into purchasing my software. I remember how easily you learned the ASI SmartBooks. Talk about having your nose in the books! But wow! You picked it up so quick.

      So Tedski Biscuit Butt. Nice name. And it fits so well. Because after all, you do have a biscuit butt.

  3. David Jungling says:

    I want to thank the people at Zippydogs for making Teddy the Dog Of The Month. I was so very surprised when I came home one day and there was a big box on my door step. I opened it to find treats for both Teddy and I. To be truthful, Teddy and I fought over the biscuit. I am not sure if that was for Ted or me. So we split it. Yum Yum.

    Thanks again. I love the Dog tote bag. I put his doggie stuff in it when we go somewhere.
    David Jungling

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