Dog of the Month – April 2012




Name – Breia Angelina Pasonno Gabor Gauthier

Age – A true lady never divulges her age

Hobbies – Hobbies are beneath Breia.  She does enjoy dominating all the other beings in her world, including her human, Glenn.  In addition, she is obsessed with getting the ball.

Breia was born a diva and continues to amaze and delight her owner, who feels he is more handsome with her on the end of a leash.  Breia lives the life of luxury, with an eclectic art-filled home and leopard print bed.  Although considered the “mean girl dog” on the playground, she is never viscous – she simply lets all the other dogs know she is in charge. Period.

A pure-bred Belgian Tervuren, Briea is incredibly smart, has a wonderful personality, and her smile will stop you in your tracks! Of her many talents, most entertaining is watching her find her human’s cell phone and bringing it to him when it rings.  Briea also enjoys evening cookies and cocktails on the patio. WOOF!


  1. Breia is beautiful, with or without peeps!

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