ZippyDogs is Hiring!

ZippyDogs – Your Brand Companion. We help companies market their business through the creative use of promotional products or “Swag with a Wag” as we like say. WOOF!

We are seeking an enthusiastic individual for Sales Support for up to four Account Managers/Executives. Help grow our sales and order volume through the efficient management of the entire order process. The qualified candidate will produce well-organized, accurate and detailed estimates, sales orders, and order processing. They will track and follow up on all in-house orders; and provide excellent communication to sales team, customers and suppliers/vendors through all phases of every order.

We have full and part time opportunities.

Summary of essential job functions
• Strong attention to detail and genuine customer service mindset
• Prepare presentations, estimates, sales orders, purchase orders, invoices in our in-house database
• Manage the transfer of print-ready artwork and approval of product art proofs
• Send order acknowledgements to customers
• Track orders using our in-house database and notify customers when their order ships
• Maintain printed and electronic information for all orders
• Represent ZippyDogs in a fun and professional manner
• Participate in networking and/or tradeshow events as needed
• Perform additional functions incidental to office activities as needed

Additional requirements
• 1-3 years of industry experience; promotional product or printing industry experience desired
• Associate or College degree desirable
• Excellent verbal and written skills required
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office products; Outlook, Word, Excel, etc., as well as the ability to quickly learn our in-house database
• Adobe Illustrator experience desirable
• Fun, friendly personality a plus. We work hard but like to have fun!

Other details
• Must sign a confidentiality and non-compete agreement
• The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed, but are not an exhaustive list of responsibilities, duties, and skills required.

Qualified? Please send your cover letter, resume and salary history to kelli[at]

ZippyDogs currently has no open positions.

Happy Holidays from ZippyDogs


ZippyDogs would like to thank our loyal customers for entrusting us as their brand companion throughout the year. We appreciate you and your business more than you know.

We wish you a safe and wonderful holiday!

Employee of the Month

KRISTIKristi Curran, rocks a promotion!

In November 2014, our Deputy Dog, Kristi Curran was promoted to Office Manager and Lead Account Coordinator. Kristi has been with ZippyDogs for nearly four and half years and has her finger on the pulse of everything that goes on at ZippyDogs. Kristi has built a great reputation with customers and suppliers alike. She is the backbone of our everyday operations and she keeps our extremely detailed orders running smoothly to ensure on time delivery. She’s always looking for ways to streamline workflows and takes considerable pride in her work.

Congratulations to Kristi on her dual promotion.



Way to go Greg!


Corn Dog wins the coveted title of Employee of the Month, only 3 months after joining the pack! When ZippyDogs decided to roll out a new way to thank our customers using a pack of cute little collectable dogs, Greg took the initiative to create a fun and interactive thank you program, including writing juicy back-stories on our little dogs!


Visit our Facebook page to meet the little dogs and read all the torrid details released each month. And wait until you see what Spartacus has been up to! Thanks Greg for being an awesome addition to ZippyDogs. WOOF!

Greg in his photo shoot
After this photos session, Greg’s cat Loki would have nothing to do with him for days, until the stench of dog was gone.



Kelli Sales Person of the Year 2013

Chili Dog has taken back the crown! Fueled by anger and resentment over her crushing defeat in 2012, Chili dominated sales in 2013. By taking the lead early in the year, she cowed the competition and continued her dominance month after month. “She started strong and stayed strong – I just don’t know what happened” mumbled loser Elise Lindborg. When asked to describe the best part of her win, Kelli Henderson barked, “Crushing Elise’s sales by over $70K – WOOF!”

Congrats again to Chili Dog – Salesperson of the Year!

Kelli Sales O Year


Meet Maria our new part-time puppy who has been working on special projects for the dogs. Besides working at ZippyDogs Maria is quite involved in the drama program at her high school. She has been in three productions so far and is head of the publicity crew. Maria-2

Maria is also passionate about dance and piano. She started ballet when she was three and has been dancing ever since. She also started playing the piano when she was just four years old. Both piano and dance are two things that she is passionate about and will always love. She hopes to continue dancing in college and when she is older, her goal is to buy her very first baby grand.

Maria says she is lucky to be working at a place like ZippyDogs! Maria says, “It is such a carefree but hardworking environment and I enjoy every moment I work for the dogs. Elise, Kelli, and Kristi turn work into play!”

Maria is also proud to be working at a place that supports Eco friendly and American made products. Her time at ZippyDogs has truly been a learning experience. She has gotten to see, first hand, how a small business works and how tape guns are a lot harder to work with than they seem. (Don’t we know it).


Top Dog and Chili expand their business knowledge!

Fearless ZippyDogs leaders Kelli Henderson and Elise Lindborg take growing their business seriously. Earlier this spring Kelli and Elise attended a six week business certificate program at the University Of Washington Foster School Of Business. Not only did they learn new nuggets of business building wisdom but they rocked their official graduation photo! Kelli Henderson claims they were trying to do the Zoolander “Blue Steel” pose but it looks like Elise is making monkey faces at the instructor! Way to class it up ladies!

Foster Graduation Elise and Kelli



Top Dog Elise Lindborg crushed the competition for the bid to be crowned the 2012 Sales Person of the Year at ZippyDogs! It was a long three year dry spell for Elise as Chili Dog Kelli Henderson dominated sales in 2009, 2010 and 2011.


ZippyDogs bookkeeper Stephanie Moore was overheard saying, “Well, 2012 turned out that it wasn’t really a competition as Elise pretty much kicked Kelli’s ass”. When asked what the secret to her success was Elise stated “It’s skill – it is simply skill”.


Congratulations Elise! ZippyDogs salesperson of the year 2012! WOOF!


The Summer of Cheap Labor!

16 year old niece Emily took her first plane ride (all the way from Indiana!) to sunny Seattle for a week in July.


18 year old nephew Torgeir escaped the brutal heat of Sacramento to explore Seattle in August.



ZippyDogs put them both to work in a continuation of the Internationally Recognized ZippyDogs Summer Internship Program that began last year with nephew Taylor. When contacted to speak about his experiences and recovery from his week at ZippyDogs, Taylor could not be reached for comment. Perhaps he was nursing a paper cut.


This summer our Interns were instrumental in many important tasks. Both were instructed on the finer points of making coffee for Top Dog, for example. Service with a smile required – Top Dog has spoken!




Emily stuffed promo boxes to win new customers, filed, wrote thank you notes, and completed a electronic file compression project.

Torgeir wrote thank you notes, sorted our customer file drawers, and completed a comprehensive report comparing cloud-based business solutions.

When not at the ZippyDogs World Headquarters honing their administrative skills, they enjoyed exploring Seattle!



For their newly acquired barista skills and more, they are both awarded Employee of the Month!

Employee of the Month – June 2012

Red Merle Curran!
Deputy Dog loves the sun…unfortunately her fair skin doesn’t. So what did she do instead?


Kristi is off to sunny California for a wedding. What better way for a fair-skinned Seattle-ite to get a little color than to visit the spray tan booth? Too bad it didn’t go better. Deputy Dog is officially a Red Merle!  Congrats Kristi on trying something new and having a good laugh about an experiment gone wrong. WOOF!

Employee of the Month – May 2012

Snazzy Kristi prepares the office for a WEBENC inspection!

We now have our WEBENC certification – WOOF!


What’s that, you ask?  The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), founded in 1997, is the largest third-party certifier of businesses owned, controlled, and operated by women in the United States. WBENC, a national 501(c)(3) non-profit, partners with 14 Regional Partner Organizations to provide its world class standard of certification to women-owned businesses throughout the country. WBENC  is also the nation’s leading advocate of women-owned businesses as suppliers to America’s corporations.


For our certification site visit, Deputy Dog chose to forgo her standard shorts and flip-flop office attire in favor of a little black dress!  She even wore make-up and only swore once during the entire site visit.  And to prove that a dress does not hinder her from being a true Deputy, she vacuumed the entire office and posed for these pictures as proof.  WOOF!

Top Dog is Winning!

Elise is smart


Elise Lindborg, Top Dog at ZippyDogs recently learned she was chosen by the National Gay, Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) to receive a full scholarship to the highly regarded executive education course at Dartmouth College. The Tuck Executive Education Minority Business Program runs November 11-16, 2012 at Dartmouth College in Lebanon, New Hampshire.

The curriculum of the Tuck business program covers strategy and implementation, analysis of financial statements, managing the customer asset, building strategic alliances and leadership skills. Students will graduate from the week long program with a well-stocked business development toolkit, as well as a strong network of support and potential partners.

“Over the past twelve years we have built ZippyDogs organically, through word of mouth, excellent service and networking.” Lindborg said “Local networking can only get us so far and I am looking forward to learning from the pros on how to develop and implement strategic growth plans. Business skills have been learned through trial and error and now through the Tuck Executive Education Program I have a fantastic opportunity to take ZippyDogs to the next level. I cannot begin to express my gratitute to the NGLCC’s for this scholarship! WOOF!”

Click here to learn more about the Tuck Executive Education Minority Business Programs at Dartmouth.

About the NGLCC:
The NGLCC is the business advocate and direct link between LGBT business owners, corporations and government. The NGLCC represents the interests of more than 1.4 million LGBT-owned businesses in the United States and is the umbrella organization for 61 state, local and international LGBT chambers of commerce and business organizations.





For the 3rd year in a row, Kelli Henderson, Chili Dog dominated the sales competition at ZippyDogs. “At one point during the year, another sales person was within $591.32 of taking over my lead” said Ms. Henderson. “It was touch and go throughout the year however, I rallied and sold $20K worth of T-shirts in late December, therefore crushing the competition”. Ms. Henderson has won the coveted antique Barbie Doll trophy that spins and plays Moon River at sporadic times – especially late at night when a person is alone in the office. Ms. Henderson won Sales Person of the Year in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Top Dog, Elise Lindborg declined to be interviewed for this announcement but did say as she walked away “Whatever”.

Congratulations Kelli. ZippyDogs salesperson of the year 2011! WOOF!


2011 November Employee of the Month

Deputy Dog is our employee of the month!  She single-handedly held down the dog fort during the Big Dogs’ trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Good job, Deputy!

In addition, she survived the week before they left, where with every email they sent her she had to see the weather report of Cabo!  This was their email signature for a solid week – Ugh!  WHATEVER!

2011 September Employee of the Month

Taylor interns at ZippyDogs!

Elise’s fabulous nephew Taylor Lindborg is our September Employee of the Month. Taylor spent an entire week in the ZippyDogs – Dog House and filed, dusted, learned how to staple, created product displays, played with pencils and put together 150 super cool promo boxes for us. Taylors time at ZippyDogs was not all work and no play. He also enjoyed time at the Seattle Art Museum, the Pacific Science Center, the Butterfly House, the Seattle Art Institute and he spent half a day at Top Line – Seattle’s hot bed of fashion professionals. In addition, we made him try new food like Vietnamese Pho, fancy cheeses and pork tenderloin with chimichurri sauce. Thank you for all your work Taylor!

2011 June Employee of the Month

Kasey Fynn Aesery – Dog Walker – June 2011

Our Walker and Poop Tally Professional - Good Times!

Kasey is our beloved Dog Walker. He goes to our house twice a week and takes our fur children for walks. They love and adore him, although Ginger says on rainy days “not so much”. Jagger says, “what rain”?

If we are lucky, Kasey walks one of the dogs to our office so we are forced to stop working, give pets and treats, and get licks and tail wags in return.

Kasey started a little journal for us in the “dog room”… it is called the Poop Diaries. He leaves little notes for us each day of the little adventures on walks and the poop tally. Ginger – 2, Jagger 1.

Kasey cares for dogs and cats. If you need a reliable and caring dog walker… check out Salty Dog Pet Services. #woof

Kasey is the Salty Dog Pet Services humble proprietor.

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2011 April Dog of the Month

Bang a Gong! – April 2011

Get it on, bang a gong - get it on!!

Top Dog is rocking the gong this year. For any order over $2000 we get to bang the gong. So far Elise leads the pack with 3 gong smacks this year!

2011 February Employee of the Month

Kristi rocks it in the filing room! – February 2011

Beautiful folders and proud Kristi

While Top Dog and Chili Dog were in Hawaii basking in the sun – Kristi, our Deputy Dog, overcame claustrophobia, paper cuts and boredom and prepped our filing cabinets for 2011. Not only did she relabel each file but she wisely chose super huge fonts for the senior dogs. You go girl! Nice work. WOOF!

2011 January Employee of the Month

Sales Person of the Year – AGAIN! – January 2011

Yay Kelli!

Winning the coveted Sales Person of the Year Award for the 2nd year in a row – Kelli shines with pride as she enjoys her victory lap around the office.