2011 September Dog of the Month

Wrigley at the Beach

Name: Wrigley (aka – Wrigs, Wiggles, Wriglet, Mr. Wrigles, Sir Wrigs-a-latte)

Hobbies: Playing on the beach at my grandma and grandpa’s house… which means: chasing birds, my tail and anything that moves

Favorite Food: Yogurt on my doggie food (but only when I am a good boy!), Frosty Paws and anything that I can sweet talk out of your hand by giving you that look with my eyes

I am 9 months old and weigh in at a svelt 90 pounds, I will probably be about 125 or 130 when I am done growing. I am bigger than your average lab but I am still a puppy, who happens to also think I am lap dog. I love to climb into bed with my mommy and daddy on Saturday mornings, nothing says, “get up and play with me” like a 90 pound puppy jumping on you first thing in the morning. I would say besides running at the beach, riding around in my pops SUV is the best! I like to stick my head out the window and watch the world fly by, I also don’t mind the wind in my fur. I have a best friend named Merlot, she is a beautiful husky. I love to jump all over her, she is not such a fan of my puppy ways as she is a old lady… 6 years old!

My favorite college team is the UW Huskies and my favorite NFL is the Seattle Seahawks. Football weekends are the best!!!

2011 June Dog of the Month

Bang a Gong! – April 2011

Joon likes KFC and vanilla ice cream! Woof!

Although not technically a dog, don’t tell her that! Joon is not your typical DSH (domestic short hair) either. She is the queen. At age 16 and weighing in at just under 8 pounds, she rules the household, which includes her two humans, her litter-mate brother Benny, and two subservient canines (100 lb Cooper, and 65 lb Daisy). Illustrative of her power, her favorite game is to go out the cat flap and walk around the house to the French door and wait for her humans to open it for her. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Joon’s humans like to throw parties, and Joon always insists on being the center of attention. She is a wonderful companion, loved by many. One of Joon’s favorite things to do is sunbathe, and she is looking forward to the arrival of Summer!

2011 May Dog of the Month

Gus – May 2011

Well gotta go "fetch"! Paws out...Gus

Hello ZippyDogs, my name is Gus. I am a Saint Bernard and will be 3 in February. I love people, kids, TV, truck rides, treats, balls, soccer balls, and toys!!! I have the greatest pawrents in the world, Mike and Juli. They spoil me and I have my own 4 poster bed, but I prefer the couches. One couch is in the “TV” room, and the other is in front of a window where I can sit and “watch” everything!!! I think everydog is cool if you are cool to me…sometimes my size intimidates some of you, but I really just want to play!!! I also think Elise is funny, my mom has known her since she was in grade school! Pretty cool huh?

2011 January Dog of the Month

Bartlett – January 2011

Doh, Pupperoni Pizza Anyone?

Name: Bartlett (aka – Bart, Bartacus, or Bartonculous

Hobbies: Chasing his sister (Anjou) around the house and yard. Chomping on bones. Long walks & hikes. Sunny days at the Westcrest Dog Park!

Favorite Food: Pupperoni – and anything that’s left on the countertop (it pays to have a head that’s above counter-height!).

Bart (his ‘twin’ sister, Anjou the pug) join our family as puppies a year ago. They’ve just celebrated their 1-year birthday.

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2010 Dogs of the Month

Sophie – January 2010


Sophie is my 11 year old Chocolate Lab whose greatest love is to retrieve. I brought her home when she was 7 weeks old and to this day she has brought me so much joy and love. I should have known that “fetch” would be our favorite game when her own mother (having just delivered 8 puppies) wanted only to have her owner toss the tennis ball for her…8 puppies in chase!

Maggie – the Rama Farm Heroine! – February 2010

Maggie guarding her bone (and the alpacas!)

Maggie was just a young puppy when she followed our son Ben home one very cold, snowy December afternoon. She’d been seen in the neighborhood for a few days going from one home to another and the rumor was her owners didn’t want to take care of her. That was in 1999. Since then she has been part of our family and a valuable member of our farm team.

We are nominating Maggie for Zippy Dogs Dog of the Month for the heroic deed she performed on our farm in 2001.

It was the end of September and our final week of harvest. Robbie, one of our workers and Ben’s best friend, was picking the last of the cherry tomatoes. The vines were heavily mulched with hay. We had sent Maggie with him for company and protection. Within minutes we heard Robbie shout and Maggie’s furious bark – the one that in North Central Washington’s shrub steppe landscape means rattlesnake. By the time Rick grabbed a shovel and hurried to them, Maggie had it cornered at the base of a large sagebrush. She had flushed the rattlesnake out from under the mulch hay where it lay inches from Robbie’s hand as he reached to pick the tomatoes.

Rattlesnakes are part of the biodiversity of our area and potentially a lethal adversary for both people and livestock. The hiss and rattle of an agitated rattlesnake is a primal reminder of that fact. Maggie’s barking kept the rattlesnake at bay until Rick was able to dispatch it with the shovel but not before it had lashed out and struck Maggie on the end of her nose. Within minutes she was limp in Rick’s arms as he carried her to the truck waiting to speed to our veterinarian’s office 15 miles away.

After a steroid shot and overnight observation she was able to come home the next day. Maggie hardly seemed affected by the event and, although she may not have understood the heroine’s welcome she received on her return, she certainly appreciated the extra love, treats, and the special thank-you she got from Robbie.

Today Maggie is still the ultimate farm dog; loyal, willing, protective and ready to give her all for one of her pack.

Rama Farm

Lizzy – May 2010

Pooped out!!

One thing I really love about life is how it doesn’t always give you what you want but always gives you what you need, and my dog is a great example of this. After doing a lot of breed research, my husband and I decided the Olde English Bulldogge would be a great addition to our family and lifestyle so found a breeder in our area. We made an appointment as they had some new puppies, quickly realized they were not knowledgeable breeders and were ready to walk away. Then I noticed this adult female all alone in a 5′ x10′ kennel who seemed very sweet and asked to meet her. The breeder said she was bred by mistake and all her puppies died within days of each other. Due to an inherited eye condition she should not be bred so it was a good thing her puppies died; they never took her to a vet to find out why. After meeting her and realizing she was very sweet and respectful I decided she was going to me mine and I would get her out of this awful situation. I basically threw some money at the breeder and took her home.

Lizzy has turned out to be the dream dog. She rarely barks, gets along with every human and dog she has met so far and has a way of charming her way even into the hearts of people who are afraid of dogs. From day one she has shown me complete obedience and very eager to please me. She even leaves the cats alone. Unfortunately she also has a very severe case of hip dysplasia and our vet thinks she will not have a long life. Lizzy gets me out for about 2 hours a day walking and I now know my neighborhood way better in 2 months then in the 4 years I have lived here.

I went looking for a healthy puppy and came home with a 2 year old dog riddled with health issues but who has added immeasurable joy to our lives. I didn’t necessarily get what I wanted but I sure got what I absolutely needed.

Lucy – June 2010

Will work for homemade gourmet biscuits!

Lucy Mangosing (aka. Lulu when she’s good and Lucy-fur when she’s naughty) is a 4-year old brindle pitbull and one of Zippydogs’ biggest fans. Her daddy Alvin, who works at Seattle University, enjoys taking Lucy on trips to campus, on hikes up Rattle Snake Ridge, and on long walks throughout Seattle.

Lucy’s favourite snacks include homemade doggie biscuits, raw chicken, and ground meat. Being food motivated, she is a champ when it comes to swimming, snoring, shaking, fetching, and kissing. She has a lot to learn about just sitting.

This summer Lucy looks forward to begin weight training, as well as help her daddy train for his half marathon. She will also be participating in this year’s Furry 5K at Seward Park!

If you see her around, be sure to wag!

Watch Lucy’s Favorite Video at ZippyDogs Facebook Page – Faith the Two Legged Wonder Dog!

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Jake – July 2010

Mi nombre es Jake, ¿cuál es su nombre?

I’m submitting Jake as your potential Dog of the Month. He’s a rescue dog from Puerto Rico and when he was found, was running the streets with his girlfriend and his puppies. He only made it over to the US by himself, so he has many beefs with us as his gringo cousins who separated him from his sweet girl and his little pups. He has grown, however, into a loving boy who prefers a belly rub to almost anything and who demands a head scratch upon returning home from work. He speaks with a Puerto Rican accent and has much to say about the conditions in which he now lives.

He is grateful for a warm, sweet bed, but misses the fried plantains He hates the rain and misses the tropical climate. Snow makes his little tender feet complain and the sprinkler systems used by so many in these parts are a wonder and a confusion. It is strange that the grass here grows away from the beach, but it is lovely to lay by a fire. Ahhhh. The life of a Seattle doggie…. it is good but it lacks a certain tropical… something.

Hershey and Latte – August 2010

Together we make a Mocha!

Hershey and Latte are our beloved Lhasa Apsos whose names are as sweet as their dispositions. Originally bred by Tibetan monks, it is instinctive that “The Boys” enjoy quietly lounging on pillows and taking contemplative walks. Hershey and Latte are well known in their neighborhood and cheerfully greet other walkers, both human and dog, each morning. Though they do chase squirrels with a vengeance. Their nicknames are Hershus Dogus, because he is ever-so slightly the Alpha leader and La-Dee-Da, because he loves tummy rubs and has a very relaxed attitude about life. They are pure joy to us.

Also true to their gentle nature, they have been helpful companions to several foster friends who needed some special puppy love while recovering from abuse. H & L are generous with their treats and hearts while teaching these little ones that they can trust us and that we are worth another chance. A shout out to all pet rescue volunteers for doing such great work on behalf of these lovely little ones.

Loving Lhasas-
T & C

ZIPPYDOGS FUN VIDEO OF THE MONTH – Baby Bulldog meets her father for the first time.

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Nala – September 2010

This is my little chi Nala!! She is the friendliest little Chi ever! She gives tons of kisses whenever she sees you, and doesn’t know how small she is! Squirrels, lizards, ants and the ever dreadful vacuum are her only enemies. At barely a pound when I first got her, she has grown into my 3lb best friend. Whether its playing with her boyfriend Rondo, toys, bones or burying herself under covers, Nala is the most precious and amazing puppy ever!

Gizmo – November 2010

Surfs up dude! Gnarly Neptune Cocktail, yo!

Doggy_Details: ShihTzu Pekingese Mix

Name: Gizmo-Bubba-BuBBs-Bubbie

Hobbies: Loves playing with EVERYTHING from bugs, to “dust bunnies,” to people and LARGE BREED DOGS, whom of which he thinks he DOMINATES! (that can become a problem). He loves swimming in the ocean, and surfing! Literally, he LOVES to be on a board! He also loves to “Sun Bathe.” If it is sunny outside… Gizmo wants to be OUTSIDE!

Favortie Food: ANYTHING THAT FALLS ON THE FLOOR! But honestly he is NOT a begger! He really loves “buttered noodles,” i think it’s because his “Momma,” meaning myself is a vegetarian, so he enjoys tastey MEAT FREE snacks!”

HE IS A LITTLE DOG who NEVER BARKS which is hard to find and literally he is the best dog in the world and loves to snuggle!

Peach – December 2010

There’s no place like home.

If you have ever been on the West Seattle Blog, Craig’s List or Facebook, you have seen this pup! If you have ever driven or walked any street in West Seattle recently, you have seen flyers about this pooch! That’s right – Peach is our dog of the month!

After 10 long days and nights, Peach is home!

Peach is a 1.5 year old Labrador/Pit Bull mix. She was rescued at 10 weeks old from an animal shelter in The Dalles, Oregon. She loves to eat carrots and bananas, but ice cubes are her favorite. Peach recently survived 10 days out roaming the streets during the snow storm after she escaped from the yard. Her two Shih Tzu brothers are very happy about her return to West Seattle.

2009 Dogs of the Month

Bebe – January 2009

I'm Naked!

This is Bebe, my 1 year old 2.5 lb chihuahua. She loves to tease her brothers and run around and hide to scare her mommy! She is a sweet little pampered pup and makes her family so happy every day!

Jagger – February 2009

Baby pic - Jagger is the bigger of the two. The one who looks like a very full Gremlin! Next to him is his brother Syd.

aka McBoober, Jig Jag, Jaggerino, Stevie, Mr. F**kabout, Bogue Bogue, Nugget, Bubba and Boober Nougat

Jagger is easily the funniest Schipperke ever. For one, he looks funny: part bear cub, part fox, part rat – is he really a dog? And then there’s the things he does. Example: he loves to sit down, rear legs splayed out, front ones all cattywampus, lift his snout towards the sky and wag his head back and forth. He looks a little like Stevie Wonder really getting into a song at the piano. He usually ends up falling backwards all on his own (no tail to support him), but if not all it takes is a little push from one of us!

Then there’s his jalapeno-pepper-butt routine. He especially does this on Tuesday mornings when the Diggity Dog comes in after a four day absence from the office. After jumping all over her with great enthusiasm, he starts blazing laps around the office table. You can barely see him, he moves so fast. Like a black blur. Some kind of canine nitro funny car. He easily hits speeds of 40mph. Zoom Zoom Zoom – 6, 7, 8, 10 laps – then suddenly he stops in front of the water dish and drinks for about 60 seconds.

His big sister Ginger has come to really dig him too! She however has nicknamed him “my little bother.” When Ginger is tired and wants to go to bed, he knows just what to do to get her to get up and chase him around the living room. He loves any attention she will give him and lives for the moments she will allow him to cuddle up next to her. See Ginger – a past dog of the month!
Ginger 1st time
Ginger 2nd time

Jagger is a Schipperke through and through! He is excessively curious, sweet, ornery, stubborn, tough and comical. Jagger laughs at us all the time but we suspect it’s because we’re always laughing at him. Which is how it should be! He’s ridiculously funny and adorable! He is our boober doogie!

Boober at play! Brown Ball von Ruffhousin!

Fast Guy! The Little Black Bullet #2

Susi – March 2009

Birds eye view of Mosonmagyaróvár!

Susi is from Mosonmagyaróvár, a town in northwestern Hungary. It lies close to the Austrian and Slovakian border. Here is Susi’s story exactly as it was submitted – enjoy!

In December was a little cat thrown into our garten. We maked a home for him. I have two dogs Susi and her sister Vacak. The first time Gizmo, the little cat made friends with Vacak the greater dog. Following night I have heard squashing sounds. I couldn’t imagine, what this is. I turned on the light and saw: Susi given a cat suck. She acted maternally towards Gizmo, cleans and licks him, takes pains and frolics with him and ever since there are the best friends.

Charlee Basset – April 2009

Listen to the song here!

A Basset is an Asset
With long droopy ears and a tail that swishes
You oughta put a basset at the top of your wishlist
A lowrider, slow kinda easy-going pal,
A Basset is an Asset

Oh a Basset is an asset on a Monday
If you ask him very nicely, he won’t bring in the paper
Instead he will give you a look to remind ya
To use your own legs and he will follow close behind ya

A Basset is an asset on a Tuesday
If you scratch him on his tummy, and feed him something yummy
You know he will tell that he does appreciate ya
He might be kind of stubborn but he’s got a loving nature

With long droopy ears and a tail that swishes
You oughta put a basset at the top of your wishlist
A lowrider, slow kinda easy-going pal,
A Basset is an Asset

A basset is an asset on a Wednesday
When you return from where you’re going,
she’ll be so pleased to see ya
She waits for the moment when you’re hers and hers alone
To snuggle up beside ya, happy dog and happy owner.

When Thursday comes around and you must leave her
Share some loving with your Basset, and don’t be gone too long
She’ll be waiting for the moment
when you come back through the door
To take her to the off-leash for a waddle or a stroll

With long droopy ears and a tail that swishes
You oughta put a basset at the top of your wishlist
A lowrider, slow kinda easy-going pal,
A Basset is an Asset

Oh a Basset is an Asset on a Friday
Whatever you are doing, he’ll be so pleased to tag along
He loves to ride the motor bike, his ears blowing free
Behind you on the pushbike or the SUV

A Basset is an asset on a Saturday
Jump into your car and take her for an outing
To any destination as long as you are there
She isn’t too particular so take her anywhere

With long droopy ears and a tail that swishes
You oughta put a basset at the top of your wishlist
A lowrider, slow kinda easy-going pal,
A Basset is an Asset (repeat chorus)

Sundays spent with your Basset hound,
These are the best of times, no better to be found,
Because a Basset is an asset
In every facet so let’s rehash it…

No sweeter love than Basset love
You can’t resist a Basset kiss

Soft floppy ears and great big paws
Smile for a while, he could be yours

Because a basset is an asset to you

(Long floppy ears, big huge paws…
A basset is an asset.

Copyright 2007
Bronwyn Edwards Cryer, singer/songwriter

Senior Lucas Wiggles – May 2009

Happy dog walks to all!

This is Senior Lucas Wiggles, my mighty yet tiny Yorkie. He is currently staying with my mom in Norwalk, CA due to the freezing winter here in Minneapolis. He is on a winter hiatus, unlike his owner, who is under 6 inches of ice right about now.

Lucas is a funny dog! My 3.5 lb terror travels by purse, thinks he is a cat, tries to scare all the big dogs around. We haven’t had the heart to tell him that he is so small. He is very lovable to humans, his favorite pet. He likes to make us cook him a wide variety of food to try and make him eat. He pretends to dislike everything. He also has the grand ability of making us pick him up and take him wherever we go. Lucas does not like to be alone!

He sleeps best with me, laying right in the middle of my body where it is the warmest! 🙂

Jerry – July 2009


Your regularly scheduled dog of the month was swatted away by Jerry, aka “the furry monster.” Jerry came off the mean streets of Seattle and knows how to put dogs, furry mice, and feathered toys in their place.

But Jerry has a big heart and will drool when pet enough and enjoys afternoons naps with (and sometimes on) his owner.

Jerry, not his owner, is 20lbs (2 feet long). He’s a maine coon.

Jake – August 2009

You lookin' at me? I triple dog dare you, just try to take my teddy bear monkey toy... tough guy, go on try it!

This is the daschund Jake, aka “the Beast”. He has no idea he is a little guy, but he is BIG on spirit, affection, and attitude. Jake’s hobbies include teaching his people to play fetch and changing the ringtones on cell phones.

When Jakes owner showed Jake his picture on the computer, he got up close, looked at it, and turned around and bit her nose.

Juno – the muppet pup – September 2009

I can do the breast stroke better than Michael Phelps! Woof!!

Juno is five months old and half poodle, half bichon frise. We adopted her at the Seattle Humane Society. Her mom was one of the rescued dogs from the Snohomish puppy mills and Juno and her litter were born at the shelter. My partner and I also call her “Muppet” as she’s so silly and fluffy and reminds us of a Jim Henson’s creation. Also shown in the photo – Frodo the cat.

First thing in the morning is possibly the cutest time of the day for Juno. Every morning when we wake her up, she turns over on her back and appears to swim the breast stroke until she has emerged from the crate. Juno loves water and will play extensively in any running sprinkler system (when she’s soaking wet there is about half as much of her). Her favorite toys are pinecones and she tries to sneak them into the house after every walk. We are still trying to socialize her and she can be a bit shy, so if you see us in the West Seattle Junction please say hello!

Bill, the Boston – October 2009

Foster Mom's Rock! Thanks for adopting me!

My foster dog Bill was one of the worst disasters our rescue group had seen – a puppy mill breeder for two years put out to auction and left with terrible emotional scars. He was so scared of people that he managed to get out of my yard and hide in the woods for THREE WEEKS!

When he was found, he was emaciated and even more terrified, with a wound so deep that you could see muscle. The shelter wasn’t sure if it would be more humane to put him out of his misery or to let me try and rehabilitate him, but luckily they choose the latter. For a month we went to the vet every day to change his bandages, and for three months he was too scared to move.

Of course we adopted him, and I promised him at least 2 hours of fun outdoor activities every day to make up for the two years he spent in the puppy mill. After a year he’s almost a “whole” dog. He still has his quirks, like “begging” to him is sitting on my foot and facing away from me! We hike, visit the dogpark, swim, and drive around together (he loves the car). He also loves other dogs, so we get him his own foster dog from MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue as often as possible. Sometimes he teaches them, and other times they teach him. Either way it’s always a good experience.

I didn’t own a dog before we adopted Bill, nor did I know much about puppy mills and how many dogs were in need of desperate help. My eyes are now open, and I want to do more. Recently, I gave Bill his own book company. Happy Tails Books compiles breed-specific and region-specific books full of stories submitted by people with adopted dogs. The books raise awareness of, and donations for dog rescue. Bill’s full story is on the website, as is more information about Happy Tails. The website is http://happytailsbooks.com.

I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to guide Bill through his rehabilitation. He’s my best friend and playmate, and I couldn’t imagine life without him now.

(Photo: Bill with his foster dog Honey, ready for a night on the town!)

A Salute to the Dogs of Halloween – November 2009

Love can be cruel!

I think the outfits and faces say it all.

2008 Dogs of the Month

Ginger – January 2008

Work, Play, Sleep... Life is good!

Ginger joined us at ZippyDogs in March of 2006 and she has come a long way! She used to afraid of all new things and people. Everything was so scary. Now she has lots of friends, a big personality, gets excited when people visit and pretty much runs the office place. Oh and she knows lots of tricks, including how to spell T R E A T S and W A L K.

Ginger is getting a brother in February… more on that later!

Charlie – February 2008

Life is soooo good.

Charlie is an 11 month old bundle of energy! I found Charlie in the classifieds and that very day picked him up from a home on the Tulalip Indian reservation where he was the last chosen from his litter. He was small, very dirty, and shaking he was so scared…I was immediately in love.

Now, 9 months later, he is my constant companion and my precious “baby boy”. Charlie loves to play with my landlord’s two labs (Wag and Jake) during the day and in the evening he insists on tug of war and fetch. Most days Charlie gets to go to the dog park and play with other wonderful puppies. He’s very smart and tricky – he has been known to eat lasagna or cake batter if left out on the counter – and sometimes it’s hard to remember to scold him because he’s so proud of his accomplishments!

Charlie starts puppy school in November and is looking forward to winter trips to eastern Washington where he can play in the snow, go ice fishing, or just snuggle up with mommy and a bone by the fire.

Stoney – March 2008

Let's go!

This is Stoney…I didn’t ask how he got his name and I don’t really want to know!!

I adopted him about seven years ago.

He is always happy and shows me the meaning of unconditional love every day.
He loves cruising in his “Furcedes” with the Zippy Dogs.

He also love the bathtub and will jump in there and lay on the cool surface when he is warm or he wants a drink.

I call him my little white shadow because he follows me everywhere.

Gilbert – April 2008

What a poser for the camera. Truly the PLAYMATE of the Month!

Gilbert the Cat is the offspring of one of the strays that always hang around the dumpster at the lake. He appeared in the office at our marina one day while my wife was working on the books. He jumped into her lap, started purring, and got himself adopted, pretty much on the spot. In the intervening years, Gilbert has distinguished himself by honing and demonstrating his talents as an escape artist and door master–he can open doors we can’t open, for example. He specializes in opening locked doors. We honestly don’t know how he does it. Now, 7 years later, he still jumps into our laps and purrs. Although he still has all his claws, he is too gentle-natured to used them on our dogs–even when they deserve it. Gilbert is a Good Guy and a great lap-warmer. He has a home for life.

Personal note: They always call me “Gilbert the Cat” like it is not obvious. I don’t drool, pant, beg or slobber, of course I’m a Cat, I’m a kitty cat!

Watch Gilbert’s Favorite Video!

Sam and Jeka – May 2008

Sydney and her fur-siblings!

The black lab’s name is Jeka, and the Shepherd/Akita is Sam. Our daughter Sydney loves to draw her sidewalk chalk on Jeka – the poor guy – he’s the perfect blackboard for her! She also likes to read books to our Shepherd/Akita mix Sam.

Baron von Eckelbarger – June 2008

Goes by many names: Baroni Puparoni, Tubby Bear, Snickerdoodle, Pudgy Pie, Baron Inski, and Flubberbutt....and sometimes we call him "THE BIG ONE (because of his muscles). HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARON!!

Baron-Insky, hails from Roann,
A beautiful color: golden and tan.
Baron used to be kept in a cage,
but come his second year,
it was time to end this outrage.
The Eckelbarger family said,
“Sure, we’ll give him a home.”
and once he had been cleaned,
he had a new house and yard to roam.
This four year old dog loves to eat!
from broccoli and dog food,
to popcorn and meat.
Baron’s a bit fat,
he’s pleasingly plump,
slightly fat from his nose,
to the end of his rump.
What toys does he like?
That’s easy to say:
tennis balls or potatoes,
anything will do, as long as you play.
So, give it up for the Cutest Retriever ever,
No dog will there be so handsome and clever!

Poem by E.A. Eckelbarger (12)

Popeye – July 2008

The day Popeye popped into our lives. It was a cold spring morning. His parents, Daphne & Mr. Black, had nested on our back deck, in our herb pot (so much for my gourmet cooking attempts). Nine of the eleven eggs hatched. Our boy must have been the ninth because when everyone hit the water, he started to sink. The neighbors were watching with great curiosity and were there to rescue him on the spot. Elisa called me at work that night a bit frantic: “there is a baby duck all by itself and I don’t know what to do…it’s on the kitchen counter in a cardboard box…I don’t know what to do”. Thanks to the power of the internet, she figured out just what to feed him and how to care for him. I came home that night to find the new addition to our family sound asleep on her chest and Elisa sleeping too.

For the next two months we feed, walked and swam our new duck. We protected him from his parents and the second batch of siblings (the first batch was part of the food chain within the first four days of their birth – muskrats, crows, seagulls, eagles…everything was trying to feed their own babies). Popeye left our “nest” but came back a couple of weeks later with a swollen hip joint. He spent two to three weeks at PAWS Wildlife Refuge spa and then returned to be released in his home neighborhood.

He now lives on our dock with Daphne & Mr. Black. We are curious to see if he will mate and if there will be a territory war when that time comes. In the meantime we and the other dock residents keep an eye on him, give him some food and enjoy his wiggle waddle down the dock to visit.

Monty – August 2008

So, mellow... except when my kitty-toy is around.

This is Montgomery (aka Monty)… a Welsh Pembroke Tri-colour corgi – the queen’s dog. He is the world’s most mellow puppy. He likes to chomp his kitty, and have world federation wrestling matches with said kitty on a constant basis. He loves his teenagers who seem a little like the cows he was bred to herd and thus when they get him riled up – it is the only time he barks, aside from the occasional bark at surveyors tape on sticks in the neighborhood. He is very polite. When someone knocks on the door – he sits by the door nicely to see who it is, he waits politely at the gate until you are there, and then waits politely at the bottom of the stairs to see if it’s a walk or a ride in the car. He has a little issue with chewing and has eaten several games, a expensive bra, shin guards and most of the kitty toys. There isn’t a hyper bone in this little dog body – and we absolutely adore him.

Roxy – September 2008

Fetch Anyone?!

spirited lab mix who loves to play fetch ’til she pukes…..twice it was in my car. While she looked like a purebred lab as a pup, she slowly made the transition to dingo. She likes tennis balls, baseballs, soccer balls, lacrosse balls, swimming, napping and wrestling. The latter three often involve balls. She hates pecans, the “f” word, and watching the balance beam competition in women’s gymnastics – no lie. She rushed the tv growling each time it was on, very proud of herself, I might add.

2007 Dogs of the Month

Lucky – January 2007

Lucky Dog, Lucky Dog, I'm a Lucky Dog!

I was born in Arkansas and, at a very early age, took a plane ride to Seattle, Washington. I went to a Seattle pet store and was put into a big pen with other puppies waiting to be adopted. No one in Seattle was familiar with my breed, Affenpinscher, so it seemed like no one wanted to adopt me. The pet store had a sign outside reading “30 cute puppies and 1 ugly one” I was the ugly one. Imagine my shock.

I was 14 weeks old when someone finally noticed me. They noticed me because they knew some other people that wanted an Affenpinscher puppy. Now, I was excited! Soon, those friends came to see me and became my new mothers. I could not believe I was escaping that pet store. Good thing I did escape, too. I was very sick, at first, and looked really funny. My hair stuck up, I was really skinny, and barfed and pooped all the time. I remember going to the vet a lot. My vet named me “Lucky” when told my moms that I was “lucky” to be alive. It took me a while to get well, but I am really sturdy now. I am also very spoiled. I sleep with my Moms and have a huge wardrobe. Toys are a must at home. I work with one of my moms at the health club she owns. I do customer service during the week and I go to my beach house on Whidbey Island on the weekends. Life is very good.

Belle – February 2007

I just love to go!

Belle is a 6 year old Miniature Schnauzer that barks with a southern accent. Belle and I lived in New Orleans for a while, but after Tropical Storm Cindy hit last year, I knew we had to get out. Luckily, we got out just in time, a month later Katrina hit and demolished our uptown home.
Belle joined me in Seattle in December after staying with my parents during the relocation process, she is glad to be in Seattle once again.

Belle enjoys rides to the Beach (especially Alki), going to the dog parks, cheese, going to the store for treats, and just being a silly dog. Belle loves to visit grandma and grandpa, and often flies home with me when I return for Christmas or other family functions. She loves other dogs, although she is not completely convinced that she is one herself!

Wolfgang – March 2007

Let's Play!

Wolfgang came to us from a loving family of breeders in Medford Oregon. Although only a 12 week old puppy, our handsome standard poodle appears much older. His antics belie his age. He playfully pounces on his toys and continues to tumble down the hill in his yard.

He has brought incredible joy to his daddies in such a short time. Wolfgang is a lucky dog to be able to be with one daddy each day who works from home and regularly visit his other daddy at a pet friendly office. Well-natured, Wolfgang gleefully plays with other dogs and snuggles up to everyone he meets, with the exception of his own shadow. Each night when the sinister shadow suddenly appears along the far side of the fence he jumps startled and dashes down the hill with his little tail tucked. At the bottom of the hill he turns to see the evil shadow has disappeared and curtailed pursuit. Perhaps one day soon Wolfgang will figure out the shadow is himself, but for now it is great comic relief.

Wuffy recently had his first encounter with his German heritage as he met his first pair of ducks on the Burke-Gillman trail. Poodles originated in Germany as Pudles and were bred as water fowl hunting dogs. They love water and finding a puddle no matter how far out off the path they have to go.

2006 Dogs of the Month

BUBBA DA CAT – January 2006

What's for dinner?

I came home one day to find my youngest cat “Bubba” running around the house with this green object hanging from his mouth. It turned out to be a “zippy dog”… I tried for almost 20 minutes to retrieve the little green guy from the jaws of Bubba, but every time I got close enough he ran away. I did not get the zippy dog away from him, until he was so exhausted from running around the house that he jumped up on the sofa and started to fall asleep. This picture best describes our adventure that one afternoon, and to this day the green zippy dog is Bubba’s bestfriend and has to be with him at all times…. He loves it more then cat nip!!!!!

‘Lil Willie – February 2006

Eat, Bounce, Sleep, Play, Bounce, Eat and Sleep!

This is Willis Reese Latimer known to the world as ‘Lil Willie. He is often confused for a dachshund but he is 100% Jack Russell Terrier. It is still considered rare to find one like me (majority black and tan) in the US, so I guess that makes him that much more special. When I found out they were breeding Jack’s to be black and tan I knew I had to get one. Even though he loves to bark, chew, and run around his favorite pastime is lying on my lap or on my pillow. He has become a very special aspect of my life and he brings joy to anyone that meets him.

Ginger – March 2006

Tricks: Sit, Down, Circus Dog, Sit Up and I am working on Stay, Shake and Off.

Meet Ginger. She stopped by last weekend to see if she liked us. Her human mother recently started school (and works), so Ginger was crated for about 10-11 hours per day in an apartment. Her mom wanted to find her a new home and we have agreed to adopt her.

When she first met us she was pretty shy, timid and a little overwhelmed by new place, new outside noises and even a yard to run in by herself. Once she explored and settled down a bit – she was very happy and very playful. She smiles a lot, wags her tail and has tons of personality. She is 20” tall and weighs about 40 lbs. She is very quick, has delicate ankles and seems very, very smart.

Ginger is a 2 year old Australian Kelpie cattle dog with lots of energy. She now has a good home and is a very happy dog. When she knows it is time for a walk, she howls with excitement and tries to herd us along – faster!

After living with Bjorn – the original ZippyDog (RIP May 1986 – August 2005), it is a bit weird having a young “puppy like” dog around the office who can see, hear (very well) and gets really rambunctious! No doubt she is keeping us on our toes.

Roscoe and Diesel – April 2006


Roscoe and Diesel are frequently mistaken for brothers…and by most definitions we suppose they are. Though not of the same parents, they do both look alike, and they have the same sibling rivalry you would expect of two boys growing up together. Make no mistake, though– their two personalities couldn’t be more different.

Roscoe is a bright, stubborn four year old Entlebucher Seenenhund mix. Wonderfully protective, Roscoe’s bark is greater than his bite but smaller than his appetite. We’re convinced that he’s plotting a sinister takeover of the household, so we try and keep him on our good side with lots of love and treats. Consequently, he could probably afford to lose a few pounds, but who couldn’t. We like to think he’s just big boned (a trait that runs in the family).

Diesel is a year and a half old and a German Shepard-Rotweiler mix. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to have picked up the expected intelligence of either breed. Nevertheless, we love him dearly. We remind ourselves often of this fact as he licks his way through worldly discovery. He also has some of the stinkiest breath on the planet, and is always happy to come over just to burp in your face.

Both boys are delightful members of our family and we appreciate all of the crazy ways they make our family whole!

Gizmo – May 2006


Here is Gizmo’s bio. I have worked up something like Playboy’s Playmate of the Month. I hope this is not too racy for ZippyDogs.

Name: Gizmo, Piggy, Monster, Ape and The Under-bit-ling

Breed: Pekinese

Age: 13 years young

Home Town: Gizmo hails from the Motor City but has little or no affection for her home town – she is truly a Seattleite.

Hobbies: Sleeping, eating, sleeping, honing her acting skills for pouting and making all humans feel guilty for just about anything – oh yes and some additional sleeping snoring as loud as possible for a dog of her size.

Favorite Foods: Carrots, Popcorn, and especially Lemon Sorbet.

Turn-Ons: Sleeping, bath time, carrots, popcorn, lemon sorbet, short walks to the mail box, briefly chasing squirrels and kitties, and growling at the neighbor’s Wire Haired Pointing Griffon.

Turn Offs: Exercise, plastic/rubber toys, bitter carrots, and anything that could disturb her beauty sleep.

Gizmo is a city girl. While she does love visits to the country for day or weekend visits she must maintain a cultured existence, with filtered water and prescription dog food with tinny bits of boiled chicken breast – which is eaten at her leisure or not at all! Gizmo loves to show off her Pearly whites* as you can see from the photo (*note – this is referred to as ‘smiling’ not as a horrific under bite). Gizmo loves to play fetch, in which one throws the toy she runs after it then lays down. One then walks over to her picks up the toy and throws it again and the whole thing is repeated. Gizmo only runs/trots/saunters one way!

On hot days Gizmo can be found lounging in her personal baby pool, sitting in the shade or sleeping! On cold stormy evenings Gizmo is perfectly at home curled up on one of her 4 beds – one of which is queen size with pillow top!

Jazz – June 2006

They REALLY think I like wearing this!!

Jacob told me you had a lot of black and tan dogs and needed some color. So here is the information about Jazz.

Her full name is Blue Jasmine Rose but we call her Jazz. She is a three-year old blue merle Cardigan Welsh Corgi. There are two kinds of Corgis: Pembroke who don’t have tails (the Queen of England has a lot of these) and Cardigans who do. Jazz got to keep her tail. Jazz comes to work with her mom, Krysta Gibson, who is the executive director of the East County Senior Center in Monroe, Washington. In this photo Jazz posed with her beautiful out-on-the-town collar. She feels that pink is one of her best colors as it goes so well with the blue merle coloring.

Willis and Enrique – July 2006

Best of Buds!

“Whatchoo talkin’ ‘bout, Willis?” Yes, it’s true…my parents named me after Todd Bridges’ character on Diff’rent Strokes. They thought it was funny. I bet I’m just as tired of hearing that line as Gary Coleman is tired of being asked to repeat it. But, my folks are pretty cool nonetheless. They adopted me as a puppy 5 ½ years ago, and they spoil me rotten. I’m a Boxer/Collie mix and I have two feline siblings – a 12 year-old sister named Olivia, and a 9 month old brother named Enrique. I really like Enrique because he is bilingual and has taught me how to say “Two beers please,” in Spanish. My favorite hobbies are begging for baguettes, barking at our postal carrier, and hanging out in the sunny spot on the floor with my little brother. I also really like chasing squirrels, but my parents discourage me from doing that. I’d like to give a shout-out to the Drummond family, Ms. Garrett, and of course all my 4-legged pals on the block – Ruben, Annie, Sidney, Frankie and Lewis. Woof!

Mister – August 2006

I am all grown up now!

Dear ZippyDogs,

My Mom asked me to send you and Ginger a letter, telling you about myself. So here it is!

My Dad brought me home, as a present to my Mom one Saturday morning. She instantly fell in love with me…as you can see by my little boy pictures…what’s not to love? But, I must tell you that looks are deceiving. I was the baddest doggy ever! I tore my Mom up! I bit her so much and so hard she cried. I could tell she didn’t want to hit me…but I drove her too it!!! Finally, she got wise to my shenanigans and gave me what for.

After that…we fell madly in love with each other and you can find me right by here side all the time now… Chasing a ball is my favorite thing!! That is my Dad’s thing though…mom can’t throw as well as Dad. But Mom takes care of me, and loves me and lets me sleep with her (when Dad is at Work) and lets me boss her around. When she doesn’t pay the right amount of attention to me…I let her know she needs too ~ by barking loudly…usually at 4am…much to our neighbors delight.

So, I need to go play now, but I would REALLY like to meet you and Ginger…as everyone is my friend.

Love, Mister

Zippy – October 2006

I actually go by many names! Teeterpot, Teeter Marie, Teetertot, Peter Paws, Tooples, Tooters, Booder-Booder, My Naughty, Zippity Doo Da, Pupper, Duder

We found your sight by typing ZippyDog in the address bar just to find out what would come up. You see, we think our Zippy is the cutest puppy on the planet! He goes by many cutsie names, but his real name is Zippy. Three years ago, we were debating on whether we should get a dog. The house we bought had a doggy door made for small pooches, so we decided to get a little ankle biter. We had a pup all lined up, so while we waited for him to get old enough to come to our house, we chose a name. Zippy was the unanimous favorite. He has certainly lived up to his name by napping 20 hours a day!
Actually his favorite activities include chasing the wildlife out of our yard…well maybe not the deer, opening presents (sometimes he sneaks the kid’s gifts), tearing up his toys and dancing for food.

Zippy knows a lot of tricks. He is quite smart and learned to sit and shake at 8 weeks old. His specialty tricks are saying ‘Yum-yum’ and meowing like a cat.

Zippy is a great pup with plenty of personality and a high cute factor. He is always entertaining us with his antics. We LOVE our ZippyDog!!!

Angus – December 2006

My library card was just revoked!

“When I arrived in Seattle 3 months ago, my daddies were determined to use positive dog training approaches to make me a Good Canine Citizen. We had to wake up early on Saturday to go to classes. There was this weird clicker thing that they thought I should get really excited about. There were lots and lots and lots of cookies, but they STILL won’t let me on the bed. What’s up with that? Now that I have agreed not to pee inside, they let me run around all day while they are gone and listen to NPR. That’s when I found it.

While my reading skills are, as yet, undeveloped I could smell that this book was providing them with the advice that keeps me out of the bed. It must go. The best thing to do was to eat it and dispose of the evidence on my next outing. I thought I could get it all down before my walk at lunch, but I was wrong and caught in the act.”

Angus has brought so much energy and fun into our home. We call him Angus, or Lover, or Little Lover, monkeypig or bugger butt. He’s a rock star when we go on walks. At the dog park, he always finds a pack of jack Russels to run around with. He’s friendly and loves dogs and kids. What more can you ask for?

2005 Dogs of the Month

Pete the Cat – January 2005

Pete the Cat

Pete is the first cat to serve as the Dog of the Month! Pete is actually our neighbor’s cat that comes to visit the ZippyDogs World Headquarters on a weekly basis. We can’t count the number of times we have hired and fired Pete. He shows up whenever he wants, leaves whenever he pleases, falls asleep on the floor and harasses the wildlife just outside our window. The only reason Pete is allowed to visit is because he shows the original ZippyDog, Bjorn – the respect he deserves. One wrong move to Bjorn and he knows he will be out on the street. WOOF!

Specklesnoot Spaniel – February 2005

Charley knows "come," "sit," "sit up," lie down," "roll over," "speak," "wait," "OK," and "be a gentleman".

Charley the Spaniel became part of our family when he was four months old. His official pedigreed name is “Henderson’s Prince Charles”. When we had Charley only about four days, he had his left front leg broken. He and his dad were playing ball and, when his dad was looking elsewhere, Charley ran under his big size 12 shoe. The result was a break so serious that local vets couldn’t handle it. Charley had to spend a week at Purdue University undergoing surgery to repair the break.

Now completely recovered, Charley is referred to at home variously as, “Charley,” the “World’s Oneriest Dog,” the “Specklesnoot Spaniel,” and “Charleybud.” He answers equally well to all four appellations. His favorite activity (other than eating and playing ball) is stealing dirty laundry out of the basket and taking it into his kennel. He used to chew it apart when he was a puppy, but now he mostly just lies on it.

Charley’s two playmates are Gilbert the Cat and Sophie the Cat. It’s probably accurate to say that Charley and Gilbert have a basic Odie-and-Garfield-type relationship.

Charley’s one bird hunting trip showed him to have been bred to hunt birds. Unfortunately, the field was full of burrs and by the end of the day, so was Charley. When he shook his head, his ears met over his head and stuck together.

When asked how he felt about being selected as ZippyDog’s Dog of the Month, Charley said, “Woof!”

Jet, Shasta and Pepper – March 2005

Don't we look dashing!

Jet- (lab mix) 10 years old The original Blair dog came from the Bellingham SPCA 10 years ago as a puppy. She’s always been the worry wart of the family. Whenever we cough or sneeze, she is immediately at our side and puts her paw on our chest. She won’t leave our side if we’re sick. Her sweet, gentle nature has endured despite the menagerie of dogs and grandchildren thrust upon her over the years.

Shasta -(Aussie shepherd mix)6 years old She was brought home to keep Jet company during the day when we were at work. My husband Bill insisted on getting a young pup from the shelter, but when none were available, I begged him to go and see her. The volunteer at the shelter said she was 7 months old and loved to chase butterflies. Bill told me he wouldn’t get an older puppy but SURPRISE – he came roaring up the driveway with Shasta in his lap. She jumped out of the car, exchanged sniffs with Jet, and they took off running and playing. It’s been a madhouse ever since.

Pepper – (Border collie) 12+ years old Pepper wandered in my granddaughter’s yard one day 4 years ago. He was starved and his fur was dirty and matted. We took him to the Vet right away and found out he had a cyst on his back leg. After this was removed he perked up and played with Jet and Shasta all day. A week later we found out the growth with caused by a very aggressive cancer. But our wonderful friends at the Animal Center in Burnaby saved his life with 10 chemo treatments. He was such a trooper even though he lost all the fur around his neck (that prompted the bandanas in the picture). Pepper is healthy, but blind from a degenerative eye disease. He doesn’t mind though…he has a special blanket on the leather couch and there’s where he snoozes until he’s in the recliner with me.

Our dogs mean more to us than anything and we can never give back what they give to us. We just bought a 30 ft. motor home for traveling because we would never go anywhere without them!

Annie – April 2005

AKA: lil’ love dog, stinkweed, ron dog, jet dog, doots dog, mama’s girl

Annie is a 13 year old Welsh Corgi/Sheltie cross, according to the Humane Society in Missoula, MT where I found her…correction, she found me back in 1992. Needless to say, my life has never been the same. She is a very expressive and emotional dog (don’t know where she gets that?!) and rolls with the punches of everyday life. Her hobbies include (or have included in the past): chasing and catching squirrels, chasing the cat around the house, rolling in stinky stuff, jet dogging around the yard with a plum in her mouth (think barrel racing style), running along the beach and spooning with me in bed. Annie started out as a construction dog, riding in the truck with me everywhere, however she has since retired to lounging about the house in her expensive dog beds and sunning herself on the back deck. I love my lil’ Annie fiercely and can’t imagine my life without her in it – the love and joy she brings to each day is immeasurable!

BJORN – HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY!!! – May 2005

Bjorn - The Orginal ZippyDog!

Bjorn turns 18 years old this month. He is a purebred Schipperke (a Belgium barge dog). He has gone by many names; Little Black Bullet, Sir Bark-O-Lot, the Demon Dog, One Speed Wonder, but his most endearing name is – the Devil Dog. Lovingly and appropriately, the name was given by many of our friends who have been nipped by him at one time or another. Strangely, Bjorn also comes to the call of Jimmy Carter, but only if done with a strong southern accent.

What can we say, we love this guy.

Peanut – June 2005

Peanut is a zippy agility master!

Peanut is a very zippy dog. He’s an agility star and a fabulous snuggler, too. His agility partner is Grisha Stewart of Ahimsa Dog Training . He’s a shelter rescued border collie something mix (maybe whippet, maybe cattle dog), born on Halloween in 2002.

Buster and Marcel – July 2005

Not posed; I just caught them in the act being "men of leisure"!

“What can I say about Marcel and Buster? They are 2 1/2 years old, both are 5-pound balls of fury, they are brothers and best friends, they are trouble makers, they are each other’s pillows during naps, and we affectionately refer to them as “the little monsters”!

Marcel and Buster were born in Ballard but somehow they hate to be out in the rain! They’re rambunctious little guys who always keep an eye on each other to make sure neither is getting more attention. Sometimes they’re a little too rambunctious – Buster’s new alias is “Mike Tyson” after an incident involving a Greenie which left Marcel without the tip of his left ear.

Buster is the Blonde Princess with the big brown eyes – he prefers a cushy lifestyle. Marcel is the Jock and the Escape Artist – he can easily walk around Green Lake and have energy left over, he can climb a baby gate, wedge himself into small spaces to escape from “captivity”, and eat his way through a cardboard box if it’s in his way. Marcel has a particular fondness for macadamia nuts which has gotten him into trouble more than once!

Their preferred activities are wrestling, playing tug of war, following the sun from room to room in the house to ensure maximum exposure, sleeping in the best possible nest they can create with available clothing and blankets, and fighting for the best spot in the bed for sleeping at night.

Their extended Chihuahua family includes cousin Jacques and his brother Gilles (both in New York City) and a new puppy named Snack (in Miami).

We wouldn’t trade them for anything!

BJORN – August 2005

May 1986 - August 2005 ~~ We love you!

Squirrels, cheese, kitty kitty, cheese, Lucy, cheese, chicken, cheese, walks, cheese, car rides, cheese, canned pumpkin, cheese, Smokey, cheese, dolly, cheese, mail man, cheese, run too fast – flip head over heal, cheese, mommies, cheese. Needless to say, in heaven, Bjorn will get cheese whenever he wants it!

Roscoe the Rescue! – September 2005

Home at last!

Roscoe came to live with us from the PAWS shelter in Lynwood, WA. I volunteer there and I met Roscoe when her first came to PAWS around the first of the year (2005). He was pretty scrawny then, and he had some health problems while he was at PAWS, including needing exploratory surgery when he swallowed some pieces of hard plastic that injured his intestines. Roscoe and I became buddies during his stay at PAWS, which was a long one. He was a staff favorite, but didn’t always look so good to potential adopters because the stress of the environment led to some noisy behaviors. Finally, Roscoe was adopted. I was glad to see him find a home, but sad to say goodbye. I would have adopted him then, but at the time I couldn’t have pets in my apartment. Then, about two months later, I was looking at the PAWS website and saw that Roscoe was back. Apparently, the people who adopted him had moved off and abandoned him, leaving him alone in their yard, where neighbors had been feeding him. Fortunately, he is micro-chipped so he was returned to PAWS. In the meantime I had gotten myself qualified for a service animal and could now have a dog in my apartment. I called PAWS at once and told them I wanted Roscoe. He came home with me after my volunteer shift that weekend. He has been with us for a few months now, has filled out wonderfully, plays in the park almost every day, runs like the wind, and has developed a wonderfully fit physique. We are so happy to have Roscoe in our lives, and I believe that he is happy to have a home at last.

Maverick, the happy dance dog – October 2005

Please note, no explanation was given for Maverick's eccentric dress – at ZippyDogs we, just chalked it up to his fun lovin' - live life to the fullest personality!

I was lucky enough to be able to pick Maverick out when he was only 3 days old. I found a breeder through the Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue, and it just happened to be that the day that I called, she had someone who had a Boxer who was just about to deliver puppies. I spoke to the gentlemen on the phone that night, and a few days later, went to his house to pick one out! I chose the first born male, and immediately name him Maverick.

Maverick had a great first 4 years of his life, but shortly after he turned 5, it was discovered that he had a genetic heart condition called Boxer Cardiomyopathy. Thankfully this is managed by human heart medication that he takes 3 times a day, but he still has ‘episodes’ when he gets excited, and sometimes his heart will stop. The medication helps to re-start it, and he’s become accustomed to just sitting down and trying to be quiet when an episode hits him. It can be pretty scary because you just never know if his heart will re-start or not. He continually has heart tests, and his last one did not show any signs that things were worse, so everyday I am thankful that he is still alive and able to greet me with that happy little face every morning.

He loves to give really big kisses and even if you are only away from him for a minute or two, he does his happy dance, and acts like he hasn’t seen you in days. I just can’t tell you how much this little guy means to me…. He’s the best! Also, my niece says that he can ‘smooch on demand’ which is pretty comical as well. His nickname is Chopper, since his chops are always flapping! And his facial expressions are just too much… I swear he’s laughing at us half of the time.

Ringo, the Firecracker – November 2005

Meow, Ringo is a Star!

Here’s Ringo. He’s, without a doubt, the zippiest Shiba Inu you will ever meet!
Ringo celebrated his 4th Birthday on July 4, 2005. He’s a firecracker to be sure!

Ringo was a 7 month old latch key boy in Renton Washington when his family offered him for adoption. He was described as “beautiful, loving and charming.” That was no exaggeration. It was love at first sight but his name sealed the deal. Ringo is a Star!

Ringo spends most of his time in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. He likes to keep up with what’s happening locally and frequents the galleries and specialty shops in the area. He’s a regular at the Fremont Sunday Market and was a featured “Calendar Boy for July 2005”.

Shiba Inu’s are very catlike. Ringo is a Big Kitty sometimes. He suns himself on the window ledge – always on the look out for a fly to swat! Ringo loves balls – any size, any material. He has a voice that’s more of a trill and a chortle than a bark with quite a vocabulary. He also has a special love for electronics. If the telephone or the remote controls are missing, look no further.

He’s growing up and mellowing out a bit but remember Shiba Inu’s are not ornamental dogs. In spite of his sweet, foxy smile you’ve got to watch out for his retractable teeth. If you ever have the opportunity to visit West Crest Park and you see a flash of red run by, you’ve probably crossed paths with Ringo.

Memphis – December 2005

Memphis - aka: big, big dawg, sub woofer, Memph, Foose dawg, The GSD, Memphis Ann, and the big Memphoo

Memphis, weighing in at a whopping 96 pounds joined my family just weeks before Christmas of ’04. I adopted Memphis from the Seattle Animal Shelter because when I saw her, I fell in love and knew I couldn’t leave without taking her with me! She’s definitely the best gift I’ve ever gotten myself – the gift that keeps giving!!! Memphis is somewhere between 6-8 years old. I gave Memphis her name to help her feel more in touch with her feline brother and sister in the house – Elvis and Graceland. I would venture to say that most people would consider Memphis spoiled rotten – she rides in my car with me, she sleeps in my bed with me (yes, we cuddle), she has the run of the house and the yard. She’s a great protector dog. Whenever she feels like the situation is unsafe, she happily lets out her menacing bark to let me know. Memphis is an ocean lover – she’s had some of her best times on our weekend trips to the ocean. She likes to destroy just about any toy that I give to her – tennis balls, squeaky toys, stuffed animals, Frisbees, etc. She has an insatiable sweet tooth as well! I’ve learned not to leave Hershey’s kisses in Christmas Stockings…the hard way. She’ll do anything for you in return for a treat and some loving. Memphis is as loyal as the day is long. Whenever I get home from work, she’s right at the door; tail wagging, tongue licking, drooling, happy to see me. She follows me everywhere and helps keep me in line.

2004 Dog of the Month

Anna and Madelyn – February 2003

These two beautiful golden retriever sisters are interested in knowing where their mom is and what she’s doing at all times, including when she’s up on a ladder. Three-year-old Molly Jo’s favorite pastime is playing soccer. Molly Jo followed her mom everywhere carrying her soccer ball in her mouth; so a little sister was brought home early last spring. In a very short time, these girls have become the closest imaginable sisters. Molly Jo helped teach Sealy Rainier the correct responses to mom’s instructions to sit and lay down. In fact, Sealy had a really tough time learning “down”. After constant coaxing from mom, Molly Jo stepped in to help. Molly Jo was anxious to get the cookie in mom’s hand, yet Sealy sat there and wouldn’t lie down, delaying Molly’s treats. So Molly Jo reached out with one quick sweep of her right arm and plopped Sealy into the down position. Sealy looked at Molly Jo and then at mom, as if to say “oh, is that what I’m suppose to do” and ever since she has performed “down” with perfection.

Sealy’s lack of interest in soccer inspired Molly Jo to show Sealy how fun their backyard agility course is. As Molly Jo flies through the course, over the jumps, weaving the poles, through the tunnel and over the seesaw, she looks back at mom & Sealy with a smile pasted on her face. At the end of a good run, on signal, she jumps up to “give me ten” and then takes a bow for anyone watching. Molly Jo is an “over-achiever” and will do anything for a loving pat or a cookie. Once afraid of all those foreign agility objects, Sealy now races around the course following Molly Jo just as tightly as she can. Once tired they find their way back to mom’s feet for a nap.

There may be twice as many toys pulled out of the toy box and scattered on the floor each day and yes, it’s twice as loud in the house. But there’s also more than twice the amount of joy and laughter in our family and home.

Jackson Dog of the Month – February 2004


Jackson and Bailey came into my life in 2000. Both retired racing greyhounds, the only thing they do professionally now is SLEEP. I adopted Jackson in October, direct from the Tucson, AZ racetrack. Bailey arrived on December 22, retired from the Dairyland racetrack in Wisconsin.

Since then, they have learned the basic dog tricks….sit, down, shake, go to your bed. They also lay and wait while I fix their dinner, and Jackson even barks on command (good party trick). Bailey only barks when other animals pass in front of our house, because clearly they did not get permission from her. She is the self-appointed hall monitor for Orcas Street.

We don’t get to visit the local off-leash park, because Bailey gets very confused by small fluffy dogs. She thinks they would be fun to chase and catch, just like at the racetrack. Instead, we sometimes go to a greyhound only playgroup where they can rip around with other fast dogs (and no small fluffy dogs). Then we come home and sleep the rest of the day (at least, the dogs do).

Devon Dog of the Month – March 2004

Who me?

Devon is our Jack Russell Terrier. She just turned thirteen, and although she never had puppies, we think of her as our little Grandma dog.

When Devon was young, she was extremely mischievous. After meals, if we left the kitchen with our plates still on the table, she’d jump from a chair to the tabletop like a cat, and stand on top of the table while she ate the leftovers as quickly as she could. The only thing that would give her away was the sound of her tags tinkling against the dishes. Devon was also able to extract chocolate and lipstick from zippered purses and backpacks (we never figured out how), and if she got into a grocery bag, she’d eat anything from a cube of butter (wax paper and all) to a entire block of Asiago cheese. Eventually, we learned to push our chairs in and get food off the ground as quickly as possible.

Devon has slowed down as she’s gotten older, and she’s had some health issues over the past several years. Devon went blind overnight about 2-1/2 years ago from a condition called SARDs, and developed diabetes about a year ago. But even two injections a day and the occassional bump into a wall hasn’t stopped her completely. If we forget to close the pantry doors, Devon will inevitably grab whatever she can from the bottom shelf (anything from marshmallows to Wheat Thins) and try to sneak off for a little snack. We usually catch her, though, since it’s kind of hard to get too far when you can’t see, but she keeps trying.

– The Mele Family

2003 Dog of the Month

The original Zippydog -Svarta Bjorn – January 2003

Bjorn hates postal people – period!

Bjorn, obviously on break at the moment, is the original Zippydog! He will be 16 years old in May 2003. He is a purebred Schipperke (a Belgium barge dog). He goes by many names; Little Black Bullet, Sir Bark-O-Lot, the Demon Dog, One Speed Wonder, but his most endearing name is – the Devil Dog. Lovingly and appropriately, the name was given by many of our friends who have been nipped by him at one time or another. Strangely, Bjorn also comes to the call of Jimmy Carter, but only if done with a strong southern accent.

Bjorn has a basket full of toys; too many really, as he sometimes must stare at his basket for 10 minutes, before making a decision of which toy is ‘calling’ to him. Bjorn loves to play with his toys, especially those with extreme flop-ability. Our friend Annie had mastered the search for toys with flop-ability – these are always his favorite!
Bjorn loves his new neighbor, Pete the Cat. They tease each other. Pete knows Bjorn can’t see or hear him, sometimes sneaks up on him. But look out when Bjorn gets a wiff of Pete! Bjorn has run into our front fence chasing Pete’s scent on a couple of occasions.

Anna and Madelyn – February 2003

Aren't we marvelous!

Check out the two gorgeous canine girls. On the left is Anna, a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog who joined Madelyn, a Chocolate Labrador Retriever, at the home of Jim and Michelle.

Anna is a little over a year old and weighs in at 95 pounds, dwarfing her older “sister” Madelyn, who weighs about 70 pounds and is four and a half years old. The two girls love to play with pull toys, each tugging hard. They sometimes get confused and play tug of war with a stuffed toy until it ruptures and has to go to the stuffed toy hospital for repair. When the toys become boring, the next best thing is to chomp gently on each other, rolling and chewing. Madelyn sometimes scolds Anna, who is younger and rambunctious. Anna gets her feelings hurt, but plays much better when she returns to the fray. Madelyn loves to retrieve balls and Frisbees. Anna is not into retrieving. Her fun comes from chasing Madelyn, who is chasing the ball!

Both girls love Lucy, the cat and do quite well at remembering the number one cat rule. “It’s okay to lick the cat, but it is NOT okay to chase her”. All three girls play a part in creating a happy, active, pet-orientated home!

Tonka – March 2003

Hey all you gal pooches out there.. have you ever seen a more dashing male of the species?

Tonka’s a free-wheelin’ Sam Shepherd [Samoyed/German Shepherd mix] who enjoys visiting his pals during daily hour-long walks on local park trails, chasing squirrelies, kitties and barking at passersby through inconspicuous peepholes in his hedge. During the warmer months of the year, Tonka loves to diversify his fitness plan by swimming in lakes at his favorite parks.

He’s no stranger to culinary delights, either. Occasionally, he enjoys mix-ins with his evening tea: salmon skins, steak pieces and ground beef fried up real nice.

His favorite people in the whole world are his human companions who have many aliases for him. Among them: Tonkie Bear, Little Baby, Tonka Alan, Tonkie Wonkie and Couscousiere. He loves to entertain them with his bag of tricks: sit pretty, rollover, hold a bikky on the nose and catch it when it’s OK, and Right Here [puts his nose wherever he’s told to].

No, Tonkie is not spoiled one bit!

Stony Dog of the Month – June 2003


Stony, my 12 year old golden retriever is named after an island located just outside of a small harbor on Lake Ontario.

He lives up to his name in the summertime, as he spends hours tromping around Vermont shorelines and river edges pulling rocks into shallow water with his giant paws. Once the rock is in clear sight, he dunks his head under, retrieves it and carries it to a safe haven on shore. With the arrival of winter, the hunt continues; rather than sorting through water, he sifts his way through snow banks. Perhaps in another life he was an avalanche rescue dog!

Stony is quite a guy, very chilled out and as loyal as loyal can be. He enjoys sleeping, playing with a squeaky toy now and again and walks on forest trails. One of his closest friends is Grace, a black lab. Grace and Stony share a passion for snow banks, squeaky toys and swimming. However, since Grace’s recent move to the West, he can only send postcards to her and remember the good ‘ol days in exploring in the forest together.

Kate and Stony

Lucky is a yellow lab. He was a stray and we adopted him. His name might be Lucky , but we’re the lucky ones to have such a great dog. He is very protective of our daughter. He hunts snakes and has killed several poisonous ones in our yard. My daughter and Lucky really do race to see who gets to the van first for a ride to school. He usually wins, he weighs 90 and she weighs 40……..he mows her over to get in first.

– Hope (mom)

Jasmine – December 2003

My name is Jasmine and I am a beautiful, leggy lab-mix. I’m almost two years old. My current humans, Pat and Heather, found me about a year ago at an animal shelter. I agreed to live with them, and it’s working out just fine. I really like Lucky, my humans cat, although I can’t chase him. (much) I also love swimming at the dog park that my human Auntie takes me to. I’m practically the best swimmer there! I chase toys for the other dogs, just to save them the trouble of getting wet.

I have lots of adventures. I eat sticks, and chew up new rubbermaid storage tubs that my humans put in the yard for me. Once when I was visiting my Auntie, I decided to go and visit some neighbors early Sunday morning. I ran at TOP SPEED to the next block where I decided to go into the house! My Auntie was alarmed when one of the humans living there mentioned a pit bull. Guess not everyone likes company…