Core Values

Core Competencies: Tricks Not All Dogs Know

ZippyDogs leads the pack in digging up Made in the USA  and eco-friendly promotional products. We offer a huge selection of fun, useful and well-made items, along with a variety of ways to mark your territory—from silk screen and embroidery to pad printing, laser engraving and more. Using our keen marketing sense, we’ll sniff out the right product for your people, program or promotion to help make your brand Top Dog.

ZippyDogs does more than just sell stuff. We are best-of-breed promo experts with 45 years combined experience in delivering people-pleasing, off-the-leash solutions. We can help you identify your target market, dig up great new products, imprint them, assist with special packaging, and consult on logistics. We can guide you every step of the way from initial ideas, through production to delivery. With every fetch, ZippyDogs gets the goods to your destination on time and on budget.

We will become your new best friend and your loyal brand companion!

Value Proposition: Inside Bark = Outside Bark

At ZippyDogs, our biggest commitment is to you. We’re just the right size to offer every customer personal attention, and we support it with something we call “Inside Bark.”

Our inside Bark “speaks” (pun intended) to our internal culture, purpose and values. Like offering products that are safe and produced in fair and responsible ways. In fact, 90 percent of our preferred suppliers are affiliated with the Quality Certification Alliance and the Fair Labor Association. Our selection of recycled, organic and sustainably produced products makes it easier than ever to align your promotions with your environmental values—and that’s something to WOOF about.

Recently, we begged (again, pun intended) our customers’ and suppliers’ assistance in checking our “Outside Bark,” that is, our reputation. They described ZippyDogs as innovative, responsive, reliable, friendly and off the leash. In other words, we walk the walk and bark the bark.

As a ZippyDogs customer, you too will find us as enthusiastic as terriers about helping you. Following through. Making it fun. And working our loyal little tails off—every day. WOOF!