2011 November Dog of the Month


Bryan is a 4-year-old Giant Schnauzer that has been my constant companion since he was eight months old.  I love big black dogs, and Bryan came into my life by a vet who was intent on re-homing him after he’d been backed over by his first owner, crushing his hip, then abandoned at the vet.  Poor dog Bryan.  ANYWAY, he’s all patched up now and he loves getting hair cuts from Elaine of Rub-a-Dub Doggy in Niles, MI, and riding in the front seat of the car.  Although he weighs just over 100 lbs, he’s still very much a lap dog, and he craves treats, petting, and tummy rubs.  He does not like to walk in the rain or when another dog tries to eat from his bowl.  His shaggy beard soaks up water like an old-fashioned cotton mop whenever he gets a drink.

Submission:  Justin Osadjan

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