2010 Employee of the Month

Busted! – January 2010

Busted for good customer service!

Top Dog Elise Lindborg innocently delivered some embroidered polo’s for the City of Seattle Marshals and ended up in a holding cell! Elise loves the Marshals and she will always show them respect. WOOF!

2009 Sales Person of the Year! – April 2010

Congratulations Kelli - 2009 Sales Person of the Year!!

Congratulations to Kelli Henderson (Chili Dog) for winning the coveted title of Sales Person of the Year.

Sue (Diggity Dog) and Elise (Top Dog) present the award to Kelli. When accepting the award, she said “I couldn’t have done it without the support of the entire pack! I would like to thank, of course the academy, Ginger and Jagger for laying around my desk and startling me awake on late nights when they heard a sound, Sue for being such stellar support and a spell check maven, Stephanie for rigging the books to make it look like I had bigger sales than I did, and Elise for… well, everything. ~WOOF!”

Fur Child – May 2010

Never pick up a Schipperkee while he is blowing his coat. What a mess!

Kelli Henderson is our employee of the month for the 2nd time! This photo was snapped after picking up and petting Jagger – (aka our office paper shredder). To Kelli’s surprise – he left a pile of fur on her fleece jacket as thick as a 70’s shag rug. Check out Jagger by following this link:
Jagger aka: Bubba

Elise Takes a Tumble – June 2010

Best wipe out after tripping on a dog toy!

Too busy to vote for the employee of the month, so we decided to bring back a classic!

Original Date – October 2009.
Elise Lindborg is our employee of the month for the most incredible wipe out after tripping on one of Jaggers dog toys. Great photo opportunity as she could not get up before we snapped this shot. Way to go Elise – ballet should be your next sport!

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Elise Tries out a New Career – Mascot! – July 2010

Who is that Meerkat?

Top Dog Elise Lindborg was asked by the Woodland Park Zoo if she would wear a Meerkat costume and play Doppler in a game of basketball at one of the most recent WNBA Seattle Storm’s home games. Seeking an opportunity to tackle Doppler (the Seattle Storm’s official mascot) – Elise accepted the challenge. After just 30 seconds in the costume and lacking any visability – Elise nearly passed out from the heat and only had the opportunity for one “Hail Mary” shot. Unfortunately Elise did not tackle Doppler – perhaps next time.

Kelli Henderson – August 2010

Turn down the music next time, you might hear the boxes rolling across the top of the car!

In celebration of ZippyDogs 10th Anniversary, we thought it would be fun to bring back a few customer favorites!

February 2008 Employee of the Month!

Kelli deserves to be employee of the month because she has a tendency to leave items on top of the car. This time she raced out of the parking lot and forgot that all our outgoing mail was in a box on top of the car. Needless to say because of her speed, the mail flew off the car and onto the road. She did not notice until she reached to post office. With her tail tucked, she came back to gather all the mail out of the roadway and successfully delivered it to the post office.

Kristi insists on safety first – September 2010

No safety violations, Kristi is a good dog!

While cleaning the storage area, we found 3 large boxes of our plush Zippy Dogs! We even found a box of the coveted lime green dogs that we thought we had none! Our friend Kristi was freeing them from their plastic poly-bags – the dogs gotta breath you know! She must have thought the dogs were going to come out biting.

Remember to unplug the Electric Car! – November 2010

Kelli Henderson - Oopsie.

Kelli Henderson has once again earned the coveted title of Employee of the Month. Kelli was in a hurry, forgot to unplug the car and drove 4 blocks with a 30′ extension cord flying behind her. Not only did she forget to unplug the extension cord but she managed to wrap the extension cord around the tire of our neighbors super expensive, fancy car – the Lotus. Thank goodness there was no damage to the Lotus – unfortunately the Zenn needed a visit to the repair shop.

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