2009 Where’s Zippy

Zippy goes on a road trip!

Dude man! This is tight!

Beautiful Montara Beach, south of Pacifica, CA.
Diggity Dog took these photos on her epic Skateboarding Road Trip this summer, with her 15 year old son and two of his friends. Seattle to S.F. or bust!

Sue Scharff

Montara Beach


New Paradise Outlook Orphanage Center

Visit the web site if you want to donate.

Hi Elise,

Great to see you again too. Here is a photo of the kids receiving their very own Zippy Dog. It was taken at the New Paradise Outlook Orphanage in Arusha, Tanzania on Christmas morning.

Hope to see you again soon

The current orphanage is quite old and dilapidated (see video) but the cost of a new one is upwards of $200,000. Now if you happen to have that sort of change then let me know and we’ll fly out there and have it built. Otherwise you can help contribute to one of the smaller goals for the orphanage.

New Paradise Outlook Orphanage Center

Photographer: Unknown

Arusha, Tanzania


Zippy Goes to Napa Valley

Not pictured, but a favorite was Rombauer Vineyards. We all loved their oakey, buttery, chardonnay.

Yum! Charles Krug was Zippy’s favorite for great tasting, affordable wines. Revana was simply incredible. Opus was super expensive, even the wine tasting was $35 for one taster sized glass – completely overrated. Zippy poured it back in the bucket.

Photographer: Elise

Napa Valley

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